Nov 28

Can Brainwave Entrainment Influence Your Brain In A Negative Way?

People are becoming more familiar with the brainwave entrainment concept. The benefits that come with all self-enhancement methods incorporated within this idea are amazing and it seems that all the people that want to become better persons should try it. With the popularity of programs such as the Brain Evolution System growing every day, all sorts of questions started to arise. Because most brain entrainment methods come in audio or video format, several individuals have questioned the optimal dosage that should be allowed in terms of subjecting oneself to the frequencies produced by the sounds or images you receive. Can you overdose on what seems to be a wonderful opportunity of becoming a better person? The answers are not that simple but do manage to make people understand that even though sounds and videos may look harmless, some damage can be made.

Brainwave Entrainment Downsides

Brain entrainment techniques sound like a dream come true. Even if the people that are currently working on improving this concept advertise it as a miracle worker that can solve all your problems, some individuals want to know more. Because all brainwave entrainment methods improve your abilities and your general state by accessing parts of your brain that are harder to reach and because the frequencies used can modify the way your brain acts, you should be careful. If you stay on track and follow the exact schedule that comes with these kinds of programs, you will be safe. Even though brainwave entrainment was not catalogued as a cause for brain damage or any other disease yet, this does not mean you can abuse using the sounds or images that are provided to you by specialized companies.

What Actual Damage Can Brainwave Entrainment Sessions Cause?

Even though people may be a bit skeptic when it comes to programs such as the Brain Evolution System, I don’t think actual damage could be inflicted unless you suffer from a preexisting condition. Overusing video or audio stimuli is an overstatement. I believe that the worst thing that can happen is to fail to get results because of improper use. Other than that, I never had the occasion of hearing or reading about individuals that overdid it.

The brainwave entrainment methods may be harmless for most of use but can have some side effect when used by people that should not activate certain parts of their brain. Most of the scientists that came up with complex brainwave entrainment ideas strongly suggest withholding from using their product if you are under 18, pregnant or prone to seizures. The last category can enjoy the benefits of binaural beats, but great care should be placed in choosing the right product. Medical attendance is highly recommended. The best way to deal with this problem is to get a licensed physician to help you with your choice.

A neurologist should be your first choice. Several such doctors are willing to offer free advice over the internet. Get in touch with one that is willing to help and explain what your condition is. Most of them already know what you may and may not use in terms of brainwave entrainment. The biggest influence this type of technology may have is on children. It is not recommended to interfere with the way their brain develops. Even if concepts like binaural beats are harmless and don’t actually change the way your brain works, it can still confuse the mind of an individual that is not fully developed yet.

People That Should Stay Away From Brainwave Entrainment

Epileptics should avoid using brainwave entrainment. Considering their brain is so sensitive that a seizure can be caused even by a video, programs like the Brain Evolution System should be avoided even if visual stimulus is not used with this particular method.

Younger individuals that are not fully formed as adults should wait a while before using brainwave entrainment. Children or teens should not be submitted to treatments that involve altering the brains’ structure or the way it functions. The brainwave entrainment methods use frequencies that activate certain mechanisms that may not be fully developed in people under 18 or even a bit older.

Other Things To Consider

Remember that no matter how popular the brainwave entrainment idea is, it is still lacking when it comes to research. Scientists have a hard time finding downsides because such methods are not used under strict supervision. Things like binaural beats are available for anyone that considers them a way of becoming better persons. Because of that, proper research has yet to see the light of day. To better understand why finding downsides is so hard it is better to imagine this case scenario: after using the Brain Evolution System a persons’ IQ has increased significantly. This is the upside. The downsides, if there are any, have yet to emerge. The thing to remember is that even though the benefits are easily highlighted and the downsides are scares that does not mean you should start abusing brainwave entrainment methods.

Also remember that some brainwave entrainment systems may cause drowsiness especially at the beginning of the program. That is why I highly recommend not driving while listening to binaural beats or other audio samples that are destined to help you relax.

The final thing I feel the need to mention is that some of you may feel strange after using brainwave entrainment methods. If you don’t feel comfortable after the first few sessions it is better to stop.


Brainwave entrainment is surely a positive discovery. It helps people become better versions of themselves and it offers a much needed shortcut to what only years of meditation can help you achieve. The main thing to remember is that because this science is not the most exact on the planet, downsides and unexpected results may come up. Don’t overdo it and follow a few simple guidelines in order to make the most out of these experiences, without having to worry about any side effects.

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Aug 24

Treating Allergies and Anxiety through Brainwave Entrainment

The first step is recognizing you have a problem. After you determined you are either allergic or suffering from anxiety attacks, it is time to take action. The problem with both of these issues is the fact that in most cases it is very hard to find the actual root of the problem. Because of that, many people remain untreated and lead an uncomfortable lifestyle that prevents them from making the most out of every moment.

Brainwave Entrainment in the Modern Day

Focused Use of Brainwave Entrainment

Today brainwave entrainment has become a real phenomenon. Over the years, several experiments and scientists have proven how efficient the methods incorporated by this concept can actually be. The brain is the most influential organ in our body and can change so many things for the worse or for the better. By accessing those parts of the mind that control things like sleep, health, intelligence and much more, you can improve the way you react and you can also improve the way your brain reacts.

With brainwave entrainment you can become more intelligent, relaxed and healthier with each month. This is basically a shortcut to getting the same results people who have been meditating for years are achieving through so much work. Discovering this method was not something done out of laziness, but out of the necessity to keep up with times. People no longer have the necessary time to dedicate years to becoming more relaxed through meditation so they needed a more approachable solution.

Anxiety – One of the Biggest Problems Solved By Brainwave Entrainment.

Anxiety – One of the Biggest Problems Solved By Brainwave EntrainmentAnxiety is one of the most common conditions people have to face nowadays. It strikes in critical moments and it can ruin lives by rendering you helpless when opportunities or danger present themselves. Up until the use of a rather unorthodox method such as the brainwave entrainment solution, anxiety was hard to treat without interfering with other aspects of your life. Taking pills may provide results but can also have some side effects that are not that pleasant. Even though most people want to feel less anxious, they still feel the need to lead an active life. Taking medication could stand in the way of that. This is not the case for brainwave entrainment.

Let us think of a scenario in which anxiety sets in and blocks your brain, making you incapable of reacting. Maybe you had a hard day at work that ended with your boss yelling at you for something you did not do. Because of an anxiety attack you failed to stand up for yourself and forgot to mention that you are not responsible for what happened. Or let’s say you work in an environment filled with hostile people.

If you have no opportunity to go elsewhere, all you can do is deal with this issue. Don’t expect any change from them. Try changing the way you react to their actions. Brainwave entrainment is what helps you cope with such situations. You will learn to deal with those stress factors and you will also learn to handle difficult situations. The best thing about it is you will act involuntarily. After completing a certain set of tasks, your brain will remain prepared and to act without you having to put too much effort into it.

Don’t think that anxiety is something that only affects your mind. With lack of confidence and fear comes physical awkwardness. You will have strange reactions that can even put your life in danger. Imagine how dangerous an anxiety caused panic attack could be if it took place while you were driving. Also remember that just because you are calm does not mean anxiety cannot affect you.

The good thing about anxiety is that it comes from the brain. That means it is treatable. It is just something you have to learn to cope with. It is not lethal and it can be controlled and even destroyed if the proper tools are used. Brainwave entrainment methods are perfect for curing this annoying condition. Either it is audio or video stimulation, you will be given the necessary tools to handle even the most stressful of situations.

With brainwave entrainment you get a relaxed attitude and the necessary balance that will keep your mind sharp and ready to react. You will never have to worry about bad anxiety and you will gain a lot of self-confidence.

Allergies – How to Treat Them without Using Medication

Allergies – How to Treat Them without Using MedicationBrainwave entrainment is probably the best and most importantly the quickest alternative to medication, especially when it comes to allergies. It is a proven fact that stimulating certain parts of your brain will diminish drastically the way you react to allergens, no matter how allergic you are. The results are fast, so don’t worry about that. Allergies are aggravated by stress and negative states of mind. These unnecessary states of mind may lead to things like asthma or bronchitis.

For those of you who have little faith in brainwave entrainment, you should know that it is all about the science. It is nothing mystic about it and all facts are proven to a certain extent.

The brain entrainment programs inhibit allergy reactions by boosting your immune system. It does so by blocking cortisol production. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for anxiety and stress.

By increasing the efficiency of your immune system you get a stronger, healthier respiratory system that is able to better fight allergens and infection.

All these actions are related to stress. As soon as stress levels go down, so will the allergic reactions. With that in mind, read about how big of an impact brain entrainment has on stress and you will be able to observe the right conclusions.


If you suffer from what are mostly stress induced conditions, you should definitely try using brainwave entrainment. You will feel the results immediately and you will be healthier and more self-confident than ever. All that could happen by listening to an audio recording or by watching some stimulating videos.

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May 13

Some of you out there, who are constantly in search of innovative methods that enhance your brains’ efficiency, might have heard of something called “The Brain Evolution System” (aka. BrainEv). It is a set of media files that is currently considered the most powerful self-enhancement tool on earth. There are several doubts about the actual results that may come with using this method. Most people are totally entitled to their opinion especially considering the fact that over the years many individuals pretended to finally discover the secret to reaching full human potential, without actually delivering the wanted outcome.

The following paragraphs are going to provide a sincere and plausible analysis of what the Brain Evolution System has to offer and what the alternatives are in terms of reaching the same goals without investing in this somewhat life-changing set of CDs.

Brainwave Evolution System

Spoiler Alert

I’m going to start with the results because it will be easier for you to understand the purpose of what I am about to explain. There are a bunch of old techniques and even new ones that promise results similar to the Brain Evolution system. The truth is, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to find the perfect combination of methods that can tap in all the corners of your brain. You might start seeing some improvements in some areas, but none with the same overall significance as the BrainEV. Keep that in mind when reading what is to follow.

Starting With The Basics

One of the biggest problems with brain-related programs such as this is that regular people have a hard time understanding how things work. The people who discovered the BrainEV don’t have all the necessary skills to understand the system properly. The use of medical terms and technical language will most likely throw some people off trail, thus making them miss out on a great opportunity.

Once you get passed all the fancy terminology, you basically understand that the BrainEV is a natural stimulator that uses pulses of light and sound in order to activate areas of your brain that are governed by creativity, relaxation, health, genius and many more. By doing so, it teaches you how to tap into those areas whenever you need to. Without this particular training, people are rarely capable of controlling their brain in such a way that the results appear in a short period of time.

The BrainEV is a faster and easier way to find those inner resources that were accessed through yoga, dancing, prayer or other more demanding approaches. Most of these techniques take years to perfect! Even if you know you will eventually get there, the road may be too long. Time is an issue these days and the Brain Evolution System is just a more modern way to handle that particular problem.

Taking It Step By Step

The BrainEV is advertised as an amazing energy boosting experience. For those of you who are a bit skeptic, you must understand that this program does not claim to use out-of-this-world methods. The energy you get from using it is actually the result of a simple process that refers to releasing tension and frustration through a deeper than average relaxation state. In order to reach a similar state of mind, one should have a very tight schedule that involves a lot of activities some of you may not have the time or the patience to undergo. You could have a stress-free day every week that should be combined with spa sessions, intense hydration, continuous exercise, complicated diets, meditation, vitamins, massages and several other things that are definitely more expensive and time consuming than listening to a set of CDs.

The BrainEV is also advertised as the perfect IQ booster. The fact that your intelligence levels can be improved though exercise is a known fact, but just as relaxation, it takes a lot of time and patience most of the modern people don’t have. The way the program works is, again, pretty simple. It just trains your brain to light up in exactly where necessary when you need to put your intellect to the test. You will not only be more focused but you will also absorb information a lot faster and for longer periods of time. The longer and more time consuming road will have to include taking up art classes or practicing an instrument. You can also improve your IQ by actually attending a higher study institution.

The BrainEV is also helpful for those who have a hard time mastering their emotions. This can be a real problem especially while working in a stressful environment. Split second reactions and decisions are very important and emotional behavior can ruin important moments. This set of CDs will teach you to get rid of any emotional baggage that can interfere with your daily routine. You will also learn to let go of emotions that build up and become frustrations that influence your personal life. The alternatives are again very time consuming and involve psychotherapy, a lot of practice on your behalf and even other methods like NLP training.

Finally, the BrainEV will train your brain to be active a lot longer than you thought possible. This in turn means less sleep and more time for you to focus on your goals. The great part is you will feel even more rested than before because of the stimulus you get from listening to the CDs. Alternatives include complicated diets and even hypnosis, which don’t have as high of a success rate as the BrainEV.


I’ve put a lot of time into analyzing similar products and alternatives for these particular products. The BrainEV is definitely a step up from what was previously considered brain stimulating technology. It is cheaper and less time consuming than all the known methods used to improve yourself as a person. You should invest in the CD set without any doubt because it is the shortest way to becoming a better “you”.

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Apr 10

My Journey To Becoming A Better Me

My 6 Month Experience With The BrainEv - Vincent BurnsHi, I am Vincent Burns and I learned about the BrainEV from Keith Lee, the web master of over the internet. A few years back I had some self-confidence issues that really ruined the way I lived my life so I decided it was time to make a change. I started looking for solutions that were quick and cheap. As far as programs similar to BrainEV go, the market was pretty scares and the opportunities were few. Many recommended things like meditation, diets and other time consuming activities that are not fit for everyone.

As the time passed, I began taking an interest in binaural beat and brainwave entrainment. I definitely recommend looking for some further info to those of you out there who don’t know about these concepts yet. The easiest way to sum up the idea behind both binaural beats and brainwave entrainment is to narrow things down to using different types of stimulus to enhance your brain’s functions.

There is no simpler way to put things. Honestly, I did not know much before I started learning about those things and I know that not all of you will be interested in finding out more about this topic. That is why I decided to share my experience with the world and let results speak for themselves. It does not actually matter how things work as long as you get the wanted results.

Brain Evolution System

What Were My Expectations?

According to the people who provide the Brain Evolution System CD set, 30 minutes a day is all you need to improve yourself as a person. Just listen to their brain stimulating methods 6 days a week for half a year and you will become an improved version of yourself that will be capable of everything. After reading the complete brochure and several testimonials, I decided I should give it a try.

There were a few things on my checklist I wanted to improve upon after my six month brain stimulating experience. I wanted to release some stress, be more relaxed, boost my mood and my IQ and feel more energetic. All those things were guaranteed by the BrainEV.

My First Month

The starting period is called Transcendence and it focused on getting me more relaxed. I must say this introductive experience is a very strong incentive to make you go through the whole program. As soon as you turn it on, you will feel the calm setting in. It was way better than all that I experienced in the past. Explaining it to others is not that easy. You will just have to try it out and feel the results. Listening to the first part of the BrainEV is truly life-changing. At least it was for me. I instantly became more optimistic more relaxed and felt a sense of accomplishment that I had long forgotten.

I kept track of the improvements that took place during my first months’ worth of BrainEV. The first thing I noticed was the fact that my mind was a lot clearer than before. The other big improvement was the fact that I slept less, but felt more alive and confident than ever. I have to say it was an unexpected result. I also began having a more positive attitude and my brain’s processing speed had increased. I also experienced two small issues. I was barely able to stay awake during the listening sessions and I had little patience at first.

My Second Month

The second month is called Lucid Echos. This is a more intense version of the first month. It is actually like a workout program for your mind. Don’t let yourself be pushed back by the fact that the results are not as quick as with the Transcendence sessions.

Stay focused and keep in mind this is a 6 month program. At the end of the second segment of the BrainEV, I realized I could focus a lot easier on things that I considered important and that I could handle distraction a lot better. I have to admit that this was the hardest part of the program. The sounds are a bit hard to get used to.

The Third Month

The Infinity month is a breeze. Even though you may again be a bit disappointed because the rhythm being a bit slower than the first month, remember results matter most. You will be able to take your concentration and focus to a whole different level and you will become more connected with your inner thoughts.

The Fourth Month

The Crystal Rain month is my favorite. It is a perfect way to see what you have worked for the past two months. You will feel instant bursts of happiness and you will be able to reach a deep and efficient meditation state that can solve a lot of your problems. I again had problems staying awake. The sessions were so relaxing I had to make an effort to stay awake.

The Fifth Month

The fifth month is called Neptune’s Cave. I guess this prepares you for the end of the program. I did not observe any great changes except the fact that I slept a bit better if that were possible considering I thought I reached my best after the first three months. Other than that, there is not much I can say.

The Last Month

The Fusion month brings all the things you learned over the past 150 days or so together. You will work your brain by using several techniques learned by listening to the previous sessions. The results will be awesome.

My Overall Opinion of the BrainEv

I actually felt something change in my life. I guess this set of Brain Evolution System CDs really helps me. Even if it may not be the complete life changing event some imagine it to be, it still remains a pretty awesome method to become more productive. I have definitely become more relaxed and I feel my life changing for the better. The BrainEv did a great job for me. It helped me free up more time and it taught me how to lead a more relaxed life.

Brain Evolution System Review Click picture to read Keith Lee’s testimonial and review on Brain Evolution System.

Mar 10

How To Maximize The Use Of A Brain Entrainment Program

There are a few basic concepts you need to wrap your head around before starting the journey. First off, you must understand that the brain is always opened to stimulus. The trick is to find the right sequences and the proper ways to tap into those parts of the brain that need to be stimulated more than others, or in different ways than others. Binaural beats are the most common way to influence brain activity for the better.

How and When To Use A Brainwave Entrainment Program

Secondly, Brainwave entrainment can also refer to monaural beats, isochronic tones, music modulation and audio filtering. No matter the method, the purpose is the same. You just have to find a suitable way for you to make the most out of this modern self-improvement technique.

Are There Downsides To Binaural Beats?

Firstly, the binaural beats need proper headphones and a decent sound system to provide top end results. That was a problem in the past. The only thing that may be uncomfortable now is the fact that not many are used to having headphones around their head every day.

Moving on, one other issue would be the fact that some find it really hard to stay awake while listening to certain sounds that must be heard while focused, not while sleeping.

A less obvious disadvantage would be the fact that binaural beats target the entire brain all the time. Because you must hear the sounds through both years, a clear separation between hemispheres is not available. Modern practices chose to stimulate each ear separately in order to tap into your creative and analytic part of the brain at the same time.

What Do These Programs Sound Like?

A vast majority of currently used brainwave entrainment methods include audio and video combinations. The audio ones are most popular because they are easier to take on. Everyone has a media player device that usually comes with headphones. The cool thing is that the sounds you hear in your headphones are not the sounds that actually target your brainwaves. The calming rain or whatever you have playing, will mask the frequencies used to stimulate your brain.

How To Maximize Brain Entrainment?

If you decided to use a brain entrainment program you want to obtain all its main benefits: altering your current state of mind, boosting it and improve the functionality of your brain. That’s why you have to adapt the program according to what you want to achieve.

Assuming that you already selected a more complex and versatile program that will deliver all these results, programs like the Brain Evolution System, here are a few situations that brain entrainment will prove the most effective.

In The Morning, When You Wake Up

Forget about coffee, it doesn’t stand a chance in front of a brain entrainment program. Listening to a specially designed track that will boost your energy levels is far superior to a cup of coffee. Combining the two will definitely kick start your day, but the brain entrainment program will be more effective and will have positive results on the long term as well.

During Commuting

Long commuting routes are usually minutes wasted of a day, when few enjoy the crowd they share their bus or train with. So, you have to occupy your mind with something that will make time pass faster, whether it is just staring out the window or reading a book, a newspaper, or a magazine. Why not use those precious moments by doing something really useful for your brain, like tuning into a brain entrainment program? Zone out of the commute scenario, and for about 30 minutes you can train your brain into functioning more efficiently and you can boost your mind’s potential.

While Working Or Reading

Brain entrainment programs have proved to have an effect over the imagination, focus power and other cognitive processes in the brain. So if you tune into the program while reading a novel, the binaural beats will enhance your ability to visualize the story and understand more profoundly what the author meant to write.

When trying to solve a complicated problem is recommended to tune into the program’s audio track and you will find easier ways to tackle the issues. What the program does is improving your focus and allows you to see things in a different light. As a comparison, imagine what happens to a computer when you add a few extra gigabytes of RAM or a new CPU. It works better, faster and sharper!

Can I Speed Up The Results?

The results of any brainwave entrainment session cannot be used on fast forward. All the sounds and frequencies are designed to train your brain and are also meant to help you learn certain behaviors that will stay with you even after you finish with the program. With that in mind, you should remember that this is already a shortcut to results others get after years of meditation and hard work. Take each step as presented in the brochure you get with the particular brain entrainment method and follow it strictly. Find forums and read testimonials. Don’t try to improvise if you want to make the most out of what is in fact an investment.


The most common conclusion regarding brain entrainment is that it can in fact enhance cognitive processes and can also reduce stress, no matter the cause. It even works for PMS and headaches. Without getting into too much detail, a 30 minute a day session will surely change some aspects of your life for the best. Done properly, brain entrainment can provide life-changing experiences that are recognized by more and more associations and respected individuals all across the world.

Brainwave entrainment is probably the best chance you have of improving as a person from several points of view at the same time. Remember that society is not the same and that time is of the essence. The great thing is that what once took years of training and meditation can now be done within the comfort of your own home in a matter of months.

Brainwave Entrainment Program Review  Click Picture read my review on Brain Evolution SystemThe Most Popular Brainwave Entrainment Program.

Feb 3

Brainwave Entrainment Guidelines for Beginners

Interest in this type of activity has grown considerably over the years. People that are obligated to face all sorts of problems on a daily basis lack the necessary time to recover both mentally and physically. Those who manage to get in touch with their true potential have to undergo years if not decades of meditation and training before being able to directly influence the way their brain works.

Brainwave entrainment is a new, innovative concept that manages to provide quick results based on medical studies and futuristic technology, which analyses the way your mind works. By isolating certain parts of your brain and by finding out what makes them light up, researchers came up with exercises and methods that have direct influence on the way you use your senses.

Starting From the Bottom

Brainwave Entrainment and GuidelinesFirst, there are some notions that need explaining. Many don’t know where the term “entrainment” actually comes from. It refers to a physics phenomenon called the Frequency Follow Response. This is actually the definition of a simple concept that basically says your brain will follow directions if someone teaches you how to push the right buttons.

The best analogy to make is by referring to the classic tuning fork. We all know that if you strike a tuning fork and place it next to another similar object, both will start to vibrate on the same frequency. This is exactly what happens with brainwave entrainment. You use external stimulus to make certain brainwaves increase in intensity.

“Brainwaves” is the next term that needs explaining. To keep things simple, though, all you have to know is that the brain is filled with neurons that communicate through electricity. That electricity can be recorded by modern machines such as the EEG. After reading the images that come out of an EEG people are able to understand some aspects of your brain that were once thought impossible to decipher.

What Are The Alternatives?

The easiest and most common way to stimulate the brain is to use light and sound. These are the most popular brainwave entrainment methods because unlike other senses, seeing and hearing can be stimulated with material developed by scientists. The smell, touch and taste are much harder to stimulate on a large scale, thus making it impossible for researchers to find common ground.

Using Light

Just because these techniques sound futuristic and use top end mechanisms it does not mean they are new. Using light as a brain stimulator has been around for thousands of years. The only difference is that now people can understand these concepts a whole lot better and can use them in their advantage. There are five different types of recognized brainwaves called gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. Starting from first to last, they represent the highest and the lowest state of brain activity measured on a scale ranging from 1Hz to 100Hz.

Using Sound

The most common technique that uses sound is called the binaural beat. It uses two different tonalities for each ear that when combined by the brain end up creating certain frequencies that will relax your mind, or help you focus.

Even if binaural and monaural beats are a bit older and come with a lot of success, brainwave entrainment is shifting towards isochronic tones. Because of the new technology that is now available to everyone on the planet, isochronic tones can be used by all without having to invest into expensive equipment.

What Are Your Choices?

Both audio and audio-visual methods are used by several programs. Not all have a high success rate. There are some, though, that provide great experiences and that really help create a better version of yourself.

The audio category is best represented by the Brain Evolution System, the BWGen, the Holosync or the Neuro-Programmer. All these programs provide results and offer the most of what brainwave entrainment has to offer. These previously mentioned methods work on a generic level. There are certain audio recordings that focus on a certain part of your brain. Those will target sleeping disorders or pain, depending on your needs.

When it comes to audio-visual methods, MindSpa, InnerPulse and Proteus are the programs to look for. MindStereo is a good choice, considering it will use your computer instead of making you buy additional products such as LED devices.

How Do I Use Most of Those Programs?

It depends on the type of program you focus on. Some only use things like a computer or a portable media player. Others need light and sound machines provided by the people who came up with that particular method. Usually, sessions are overly relaxing and leave you with a nice sensation. Most brainwave entrainment methods require you to stay awake. This is the hardest part when it comes to BWE.

Most of the programs also require quite environments. Invest in some noise canceling headphones if you want to focus on the video stimulation. Remember to purchase a top end audio device in order to hear all the details on the CDs you purchase. The key is in the details and cheap headphones will not have the ability to deal with complex audio sessions.

Make sure that you are also equipped with a lot of patience. These things take time. You can end up investing an hour a day for a years’ worth of time. It may sound a lot, but it surely beats the alternative, which most of the time refers to meditation that needs years of training and tuning in order to provide the results you expect.


Remember that these programs directly stimulate the brain. If you suffer from conditions such as epilepsy it is better to stay away. The frequencies that are used to tweak your mind may end up hurting you. Make sure to visit a medic if you insist on trying brainwave entrainment out.


Look into brainwave entrainment. It is a shortcut to becoming an improved version of yourself. It is cheap most of the time and it requires little time.

Brainwave Entrainment Program Review  Click Picture read my Brain Evolution System review – The Most Popular Brainwave Entrainment Program.

Dec 26

Finding The Proper Brainwave Entrainment Method

Brainwave Entrainment For A Fast Paced LifeBrainwave entrainment methods have become pretty common and are now available even on free sites like YouTube. Even though those may not be the best on the market, they can still do some good if you use them properly. One of the most popular techniques uses binaural beats. It is the most affordable solution, and it provides the quickest results without any significant additional requirements. All you need is a pair of headphones, and that is about it. With other brain entrainment approaches, people sometimes need additional things such as TVs, or gadgets that either use sound or images to stimulate the brain.

How To Use Free Brainwave Entrainment?

There are many brainwave entrainment systems out there. Most of them come with detailed ways of using the materials you purchase. Some are designed for a certain type of paced use and others are designed for a more personalized approach depending on what your needs are. If you stumble upon a set of binaural beats that seem to be doing a nice job at keeping you happy and relaxed, it is better to follow a few simple steps to increase their efficiency.

Start using the binaural beats before you go to sleep. Most of them use low frequencies, which induce the deepest state of sleep possible. With that in mind, play whatever brainwave entrainment set you have if you suffer from insomnia or have problems sleeping.

Use brainwave entrainment in the morning. Start the day with a decent dose of binaural beats that will provide you with enough energy to push through the day without being exhausted at the end. Include listening to systems like the BrainEV in your daily activities. If you have a long commute ahead, put on your headphones and make those 30 minutes fly by. At the end of your commute, you will feel fresh and full of energy.

Stimulate Your Brain

Stimulate your creative side by listening to isochronic sounds while reading a book. Your imagination will go wild, and your synapses will sparkle. This is a fantastic way to relax to the fullest while stimulating your intellect at the same time. It is a excellent time saver also because it allows you to get your brain in shape while doing some other activity that is productive one way or another.

If you want maximum results with little time spent, you should try meditating while listening to brain entrainment programs. The key to a deep meditation state is peace of mind. You can easily achieve that by listening to the Transcendence part of the BrainEV CD set. The difference will be massive especially if you are not an expert when it comes to reaching deep meditation states. It takes years of experience to reach them and many of us just don’t have the necessary time.

Combine brainwave entrainment with learning or revising something you have already studied about. You will build a strong foundation of information that is going to be available at all times. Binaural beats are not just calming but will also help you increase your memorizing capacity and your intellect. Studies show that programs such as the BrainEV can increase your IQ by 8 points, which is nothing short of amazing. Eight points can truly make a difference. Just take a look at the IQ charts made to represent the average intelligence level on a global scale.

Say Hello To Your News Life

Say Hello To Your News LifeBoost your morale while at lunch. The point of lunch time is to help you recharge your batteries. You could do that and a lot more by taking your media player with you. Find a spot where no one bothers you, press play and listen to a 20 or 30 minute session of relaxing sounds that not only give you energy but also stimulate your brain into being more active and better prepared for stress and long work days. You will be ten times more productive, and you will do so without even feeling tired.

Binaural beats are so calming you don’t even feel distracted while listening to them. With that in mind, many recommend using them while doing the part of your job that is most frustrating. If you have an entry-level desk job, chances are you will have to do a lot of mechanic work that does not stimulate you on an intellectual level. Listen to brainwave entrainment programs while doing things that are not that exciting. You will be more productive, and you will also forget about the monotony that could easily become stress or frustration. Be sure you don’t start using binaural beats from the start. They tend to be too relaxing, which will make it hard for you to stay awake.

Work your body and your mind at the same time. Listen to brainwave entrainment while hitting the gym or while jogging. You will be more motivated, you will feel less muscle pain, and you will have more drive. You will push a lot further than you thought possible and you will improve on your health. You can even use the sounds while stretching. You will be so relaxed you will avoid any injury.


These are all ways to benefit off of what is already a remarkably quick way to become a better person. Brain entrainment methods were developed in order to help people evolve as individuals without having to sacrifice their jobs or families. Let’s face it, true meditation and a peaceful mind cannot be achieved with a yoga session every once in a while.

Things like binaural beats are a shortcut for the modern man that needs to keep a job and make time for his or her family. With crucial moments slipping away, it is exceedingly complicated to find alternatives to this type of approach. It is better to embrace it and enjoy the endless benefits that come with. You will see yourself evolve every day, and you will do so without even putting too much effort into it. Brainwave entrainment is unquestionably a thing to look forward to in terms of new discoveries and innovative techniques.

Brainwave Entrainment Program Review  Click Picture read my review on Brain Evolution System – The Most Popular Brainwave Entrainment Program.

Nov 21

Finding That Right Someone Through Brainwave Entrainment

The BrainEv is one of the best-selling programs currently available on the market. It is an incredible self-enhancement tool that will provide the necessary equipment to alter your reality in every way you see fit. Brain entrainment programs such as this can act on so many levels you cannot even imagine. Even if most are skeptic, you should know that it is all about the science. There is no mysticism or other esoteric concepts to which to correlate this particular concept to.

BrainEv to Improve Your Love LifeWith time, the brain has revealed some of its secrets making the life of scientists a lot easier. Nowadays it is obvious how some things work and how you can improve upon them. A perfect example is the use of binaural beats as a stimulating agent for certain parts of your brain. By undergoing procedures such as the ones provided by the BrainEv program, you will become a better version of yourself in a matter of months. You will be more confident, healthier and more determined. With that, you will also be able to attract strong, positive persons around you that will probably vibrate at the same frequency you do.

Forget about bumping into people or about getting to know people that are not even on the same page as you. Start becoming surrounded by individuals that will help you grow and evolve. The chances for you to find someone close will massively increase and the probability to find your loved one will rise every day.

How Can I Attract Someone I Like?

Because of the stress and frustration that has built up during the years of hard work and sleepless nights, most people out there send out a negative vibe. There are few that can take pride in the fact that their energy levels are leaning towards the positive. Because of that negative energy, you will become surrounded by negative people, who will never help you evolve. You will be surrounded by negative emotions and you will start losing control. This will happen without you actually feeling it, which is an extremely dangerous situation. You will become emotionally unavailable, and you will lose contact with others who could be, in fact, a perfect match for you. Taking risks will no longer be on your agenda and your life will start to head to a dark place.

You can easily avoid all that with programs such as the BrainEv. It is a guaranteed success when it comes to changing your life around. The frequencies used by this program will stimulate your brain into projecting a more positive image of yourself. This, in turn, will attract a lot of external positive energy that is essential to your growth as an individual.

You will be more opened to new experiences, and you will literally feel the atmosphere around you change. Happy people have a massive impact on your state of mind. By having them around, you will enjoy life a different way, and you will see things different. All that will be achieved in a matter of weeks. This is proved by the many positive testimonials received from people who tried programs like the BrainEv.

Can You Improve On Your Love Life By Using The BrainEv?

Even if this is not an issue addressed by the BrainEv program, it comes without saying that changes will occur when it comes to love. It is needless to say that you will see immediate changes and improvements. Because the brainwave entrainment methods act on a deep level and improve all your characteristics, your confidence levels will go through the roof. With that, you will be able to attract persons you like and never saw as a possible life-partner.

The confidence issue is not the only problem the BrainEv handles. You will also get help when it comes to traumas that are now preventing you form enjoying a relationship to its fullest. Most don’t know that you don’t have to actually live a traumatizing experience to remain scarred. Emotional inadequacy can emerge from all sorts of past experiences. Listening to the CDs that come with this program you will learn how to handle and understand your problems, which is undoubtedly the only way to deal with emotional issues.

Stimulate Creativity And Open Your Mind

Some parts of the BrainEv are destined to increase imagination and stimulate your brain like never before. You will feel the need to explore and try out new things. You will be a lot more imaginative than you thought possible and you will embrace new ideas when it comes to love.

Stress is one of the most common causes for ruined relationships. With stress and frustration bedroom problems can also emerge. Deal with those problems by taking on a brainwave entrainment program. It will help you handle stress and forget about problems. You will start living the day, and you will discover yourself.

The BrainEv will also help control angry responses and increase emotional resilience. Fighting is rarely productive and can damage relationships permanently from both an emotional and a sexual point of view. Become calmer and learn how to listen to your partner.

A considerable advantage that comes with brainwave entrainment systems is that you will inevitably attract people that are vibrating on the same frequency as you. Those are the ones that you need in your life. By meeting the right individual, you will feel significant increases when it comes to feelings and pleasurable body sensations. When the minds are in tune, the bodies will follow. That is probably every person’s dream: to find that special someone that vibrates on the same frequency as they do.


Programs such as the BrainEv are highly recommended for those having trouble with their love life. It increases confidence and attracts the right people. There is someone for everyone out there, and methods such as the ones used by the brainwave entrainment concept are the way to find your better half. Access this incredible opportunity and the results are guaranteed.

Brainwave Entrainment Program Review  Click Picture read my review on Brain Evolution System – The Most Popular Brainwave Entrainment Program.

Oct 9

Brain Evolution System aka BrainEv

Depression, Stressful LifeIn the busy and hectic everyday life, everyone is looking to reduce their stress level, increase brain power, relax, improve the memory or feel energetic. Most of the time it is hard to achieve all these at once without making substantial compromises or wasting a lot of those precious hours on activities that aren’t bringing anything beneficial. But, giving up is not an option and in your continuous strive for happiness you are willing to try anything that sounds promising.

So here’s something else you can try, something that will end your search and efforts, a self-development tool that will help you achieve that ultimate state of mind: the Brain Evolution System. May sound like a complicated name, but it’s not! It’s the simplest tool of this kind, that doesn’t take much of your time or require additional props. Just a pair of headphones and 30 minutes of your day is all you need.

What Is The Brain Evolution System?

The Brain Evolution System, or simpler BrainEv, is a self-development, six-level program that will help you master your brain. The system is a mix of specially created sounds coupled with the exclusive 3P DEAP brainwave entrainment technology that will influence your brainwaves, resulting in a much sharper thinking, a higher energy level, improved problem solving skills and many other benefits. Each level of the program will train your brain muscle automatically, allowing getting use on-demand the peak performance brainwaves.

Brainwave Evolution SystemBrainwaves can be described as signatures of a state of mind. Each of our states of mind has a different electrical signature that can be detected in the brain and can be measured and recorded by a specialized machine, such as the electroencephalogram machine or EEG. The results are used to note what type of brainwaves are present during a certain state of mind, like when we feel relaxed, or concentrated or even sleeping.

The brainwave entrainment process is used to influence the brainwaves, and thus induce a certain state of mind, by simply playing audio sounds into each ear. This is why they say Mozart’s music can increase the IQ- because it creates brainwave patterns that lead to an increased thinking speed and a higher level of intelligence.

How Does The Brain Evolution System Work?

The technology of the system is a highly-specialized, trademarked brainwave entrainment combination, called 3P DEAP. This combination uses the best and powerful entrainment methods available: binaural beats, rhythmic entrainment with isochronic tones, temporal entrainment; all these influence substantially your brainwave patterns that will help you build the brain muscle.

The 3P DEAP brainwave entrainment is a powerful method that will give you the power to begin monitoring how your mind works in action. Over time you will comprehend how your brain and mind is structured and how it works, and if you are consistent in using the program, you will master and command your brain abilities as you desire.

The Brain Evolution System is divided into six levels. Each month you have to listen to one level, 6 times a week (basically 30 minutes a day). After completing the program over the period of six months, you will feel you have a solid command of your mental abilities.

What Can Brain Evolution Do For You?

You can call the Brain Evolution System a gym for your mind. Just as by following a training program you can unlock more body strength, the same principle applies to the six level self-development tool. Each of the tiers that you can complete will give you access to a variety of brainwaves states.

After six months of using the program you will be able to reach advanced states of mind, which would only be possible attaining through years or even decades of meditation. People who have used the Brain Evolution System have experienced positive results like stress release, a better way to relax, improved moods, a higher energetic level, etc. They have also declared that they have become more creative and their ability to learn, memorize and solve problems has improved substantially.

Other Benefits Of The Self-Development Tool Acknowledged By The Users Would Be:

  • Benefits Of Brain Evolution SystemLearning to become more calm, peaceful and patient;
  • Developing your cognitive abilities, and enhancing the memory;
  • A greater problem-solving capacity, greater power of understanding and clarity;
  • Obtaining the ability to sleep less, but in a qualitative manner;
  • Gain a sharper working brain, that will bring you more benefits in your professional life;
  • Get insights on your conscious and subconscious thinking process;
  • Dream more richly and increase the power of recalling those dreams;
  • Learn how to manage your emotions consciously ;
  • Lift your mood and live more happily;
  • Improve daily energy levels that will give you more motivation;
  • Learn how to transform a stressful situation into a calm one;
  • Transfer yourself into ‘The Zone’ whenever you feel agitated or distracted;
  • Learn how to explore your unconscious and discover your inner wisdom;
  • Experience an amplified meditative state, that can only be obtained after years of practice;
  • Improve the quality of your relationships, learn how to connect with people more easily and on a deeper and more natural level;
  • Free yourself from all the social anxieties and phobias and increase your self-confidence;
  • Lose bad habits, emotional baggage and the unnatural programming of the brain;
  • Get rid of negative past experiences and learn how to live without negative emotional limits.

The effects of the Brain Evolution System will be noticed in every aspect of your life: you will perform better at work, you will function better in social situations, think more sharply, and you will achieve the peak of your mental state.


There is no actual way of convincing a person that this program is as good as the ads say. The only way you will be convinced is by getting the free 21 day trial. I you do decide you can benefit from using the BrainEV, keep in mind the fact that the second and third months are not as productive as the others. Keep pushing through though. The results are most impressive at the end of the six month period.

 Brainwave Entrainment Program Review  Click Picture read my review on Brain Evolution System – The Most Popular Brainwave Entrainment Program.

Sep 5

Dealing With Modern Day Problems Through Brainwave Entrainment

Dealing With Sleep Deprivation Sleep deprivation is a major problem for people who constantly need to feel active and fresh. The fast paced life we live is quite demanding so sleeping, even though necessary, is becoming a luxury. The downside is that you cannot be active and productive without sleep, but there is little time for you to actually rest. A vacation is not enough to regain the balance a normal human being needs.

Furthermore, stress also affects sleep, so even if you do have the time to rest, your brain is still focused on problems thus ruining your sleep. Brainwave entrainment seems to be the perfect solution for this major issue. It has been proven that by inducing a delta frequency while in a state of semi-consciousness, you get a well-rested brain that will function with half the time’s worth of sleep you think you need now. The benefits of using delta wave based brain entrainment will not stop at sleep, but will help you in a lot of other situations like dealing with stress.

The Basics About Delta Brain Waves – Leaning About Your Treatment

First of all, you must know that it is extremely rare to remain conscious when experiencing delta waves which are naturally produced. Brain entrainment methods will provide a similar state so don’t expect to be able to stay awake through the first sessions.

Delta waves are the lowest level of brain activity meaning that this is the state in which our brain is the most relaxed. Some brainwave entrainment programs such as the BrainEV can actually induce that state while keeping you awake. That is a pretty cool achievement considering only a few Zen Masters are capable of doing that after decades of training. The best part about this particular frequency is that it stimulates the secretion of serotonin and DHEA, making you happier and a lot more stress free when you finish with the binaural beat training.

How To I Determine If I Am Sleep Deprived Or Not?

Trouble SleepingIf you have trouble picturing a morning when you woke up rested and ready to go, you probably suffer from sleep deprivation. This problem is very common these days and people all over the world have a tough time getting a decent sleep session. Because of the hectic program you have throughout the year, a vacation is no longer enough to restart you brain and relax it in order to start over. You need more intense and deeper relaxing experiences that are hard to achieve without proper training and intense meditation.

There are other things that could mean you are sleep deprived. Watch out for these symptoms:

  • Falling asleep should not take longer than 20 minutes. If you end up spending more than that without even nodding off, sleep deprivation is more than likely to have set in.
  • If you fall asleep the instant you hit the pillow you should take it easy. It is not healthy to be this tired. A normal sleep session should set in after 5 to 10 minutes after you get into bed.
  • If you wake up a lot during sleep you may have problems. This includes nightmares.

If no external interference is present then sleeping should not be a problem. If even in complete silence you wake up several times a night you may suffer from sleep deprivation. Another common sign of sleep deprivation is waking up before the alarm goes off. That is a clear sign of stress and unhealthy sleep patterns.

What Are The Main Motives For Sleep Deprivation?

Aging is one of the most common sleep deprivation reasons. Believe it or not, artificial light is another major problem. If you have been exposed to it for a long period of time during the day, it will be harder for you to fall asleep. Changing time zones often is also an important cause for this sleeping disorder. Night shifts and unhealthy resting habits can also lead to important changes in what should be a normal sleep pattern.

Why Is Sleep Important And How Does Using Brainwave Entrainment Change Your Life?

Why Is Sleep Important?Basically sleep is when your body regenerates. All its systems recharge overnight and get in shape for another day. You must have noticed that after a good nights’ sleep you look better and feel ready for action. The brainwave entrainment methods are used to improve the quality of your sleep. By using them you restore your mental energy that reflects throughout the body.

The delta frequency used by brainwave entrainment sessions is the lowest frequency possible which is achieved during the deepest states of sleep. In recent studies those lower waves are directly linked to the regeneration of different systems such as the immune, nervous, vascular or muscular. A healthy and productive sleep pattern can even increase your lifespan.

Most of us have trouble getting there. Because of stress and other related issues, most of the people out there can’t even remember when the last time they had a good night’s sleep was. The best part about brainwave entrainment is that it can be used while awake. This is a brand new concept introduced by the Brain Evolution System program that claims you will be wide awake when the lowest frequency is emitted. It will be hard not to fall asleep, but you will feel like a new person after 30 minutes of listening to these carefully put together audio stimuli.


It has been established that sleep deprivation is a major issue with modern society. There is no actual cure for this condition except learning to calm yourself down through meditation techniques. Medication is not an option because it affects other parts of your life you probably want to be kept the same.

Brainwave entrainment is the safest way to go. The only downside is that you have to pay some money depending on the program you chose. Still, it provides a much faster and efficient way than anything out there. You will achieve different levels of improvement in a matter of months and all you need is a set of headphones and maybe a media playing device.

Brainwave Entrainment Program Review  Click Picture read my review on Brain Evolution System – The Most Popular Brainwave Entrainment Program.

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