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Brainwave Entrainment and Guidelines

Brainwave Entrainment Guidelines for Beginners

Interest in this type of activity has grown considerably over the years. People that are obligated to face all sorts of problems on a daily basis lack the necessary time to recover both mentally and physically. Those who manage to get in touch with their true potential have to undergo years if not decades of meditation and training before being able to directly influence the way their brain works.

Brainwave entrainment is a new, innovative concept that manages to provide quick results based on medical studies and futuristic technology, which analyses the way your mind works. By isolating certain parts of your brain and by finding out what makes them light up, researchers came up with exercises and methods that have direct influence on the way you use your senses.

Starting From the Bottom

Brainwave Entrainment and GuidelinesFirst, there are some notions that need explaining. Many don’t know where the term “entrainment” actually comes from. It refers to a physics phenomenon called the Frequency Follow Response. This is actually the definition of a simple concept that basically says your brain will follow directions if someone teaches you how to push the right buttons.

The best analogy to make is by referring to the classic tuning fork. We all know that if you strike a tuning fork and place it next to another similar object, both will start to vibrate on the same frequency. This is exactly what happens with brainwave entrainment. You use external stimulus to make certain brainwaves increase in intensity.

“Brainwaves” is the next term that needs explaining. To keep things simple, though, all you have to know is that the brain is filled with neurons that communicate through electricity. That electricity can be recorded by modern machines such as the EEG. After reading the images that come out of an EEG people are able to understand some aspects of your brain that were once thought impossible to decipher.

What Are The Alternatives?

The easiest and most common way to stimulate the brain is to use light and sound. These are the most popular brainwave entrainment methods because unlike other senses, seeing and hearing can be stimulated with material developed by scientists. The smell, touch and taste are much harder to stimulate on a large scale, thus making it impossible for researchers to find common ground.

Using Light

Just because these techniques sound futuristic and use top end mechanisms it does not mean they are new. Using light as a brain stimulator has been around for thousands of years. The only difference is that now people can understand these concepts a whole lot better and can use them in their advantage. There are five different types of recognized brainwaves called gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. Starting from first to last, they represent the highest and the lowest state of brain activity measured on a scale ranging from 1Hz to 100Hz.

Using Sound

The most common technique that uses sound is called the binaural beat. It uses two different tonalities for each ear that when combined by the brain end up creating certain frequencies that will relax your mind, or help you focus.

Even if binaural and monaural beats are a bit older and come with a lot of success, brainwave entrainment is shifting towards isochronic tones. Because of the new technology that is now available to everyone on the planet, isochronic tones can be used by all without having to invest into expensive equipment.

What Are Your Choices?

Both audio and audio-visual methods are used by several programs. Not all have a high success rate. There are some, though, that provide great experiences and that really help create a better version of yourself.

The audio category is best represented by the Brain Evolution System, the BWGen, the Holosync or the Neuro-Programmer. All these programs provide results and offer the most of what brainwave entrainment has to offer. These previously mentioned methods work on a generic level. There are certain audio recordings that focus on a certain part of your brain. Those will target sleeping disorders or pain, depending on your needs.

When it comes to audio-visual methods, MindSpa, InnerPulse and Proteus are the programs to look for. MindStereo is a good choice, considering it will use your computer instead of making you buy additional products such as LED devices.

How Do I Use Most of Those Programs?

It depends on the type of program you focus on. Some only use things like a computer or a portable media player. Others need light and sound machines provided by the people who came up with that particular method. Usually, sessions are overly relaxing and leave you with a nice sensation. Most brainwave entrainment methods require you to stay awake. This is the hardest part when it comes to brainwave entrainment.

Most of the programs also require quite environments. Invest in some noise canceling headphones if you want to focus on the video stimulation. Remember to purchase a top end audio device in order to hear all the details on the CDs you purchase. The key is in the details and cheap headphones will not have the ability to deal with complex audio sessions.

Make sure that you are also equipped with a lot of patience. These things take time. You can end up investing an hour a day for a years’ worth of time. It may sound a lot, but it surely beats the alternative, which most of the time refers to meditation that needs years of training and tuning in order to provide the results you expect.


Remember that these programs directly stimulate the brain. If you suffer from conditions such as epilepsy it is better to stay away. The frequencies that are used to tweak your mind may end up hurting you. Make sure to visit a medic if you insist on trying brainwave entrainment out.


Look into brainwave entrainment. It is a shortcut to becoming an improved version of yourself. It is cheap most of the time and it requires little time.

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