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Brainwave Entrainment For A Fast Paced Life

Finding The Proper Brainwave Entrainment Method

Brainwave Entrainment For A Fast Paced LifeBrainwave entrainment methods have become pretty common and are now available even on free sites like YouTube. Even though those may not be the best on the market, they can still do some good if you use them properly. One of the most popular techniques uses binaural beats. It is the most affordable solution, and it provides the quickest results without any significant additional requirements. All you need is a pair of headphones, and that is about it. With other brain entrainment approaches, people sometimes need additional things such as TVs, or gadgets that either use sound or images to stimulate the brain.

How To Use Free Brainwave Entrainment?

There are many brainwave entrainment systems out there. Most of them come with detailed ways of using the materials you purchase. Some are designed for a certain type of paced use and others are designed for a more personalized approach depending on what your needs are. If you stumble upon a set of binaural beats that seem to be doing a nice job at keeping you happy and relaxed, it is better to follow a few simple steps to increase their efficiency.

Start using the binaural beats before you go to sleep. Most of them use low frequencies, which induce the deepest state of sleep possible. With that in mind, play whatever brainwave entrainment set you have if you suffer from insomnia or have problems sleeping.

Use brainwave entrainment in the morning. Start the day with a decent dose of binaural beats that will provide you with enough energy to push through the day without being exhausted at the end. Include listening to systems like the BrainEV in your daily activities. If you have a long commute ahead, put on your headphones and make those 30 minutes fly by. At the end of your commute, you will feel fresh and full of energy.

Stimulate Your Brain

Stimulate your creative side by listening to isochronic sounds while reading a book. Your imagination will go wild, and your synapses will sparkle. This is a fantastic way to relax to the fullest while stimulating your intellect at the same time. It is a excellent time saver also because it allows you to get your brain in shape while doing some other activity that is productive one way or another.

If you want maximum results with little time spent, you should try meditating while listening to brain entrainment programs. The key to a deep meditation state is peace of mind. You can easily achieve that by listening to the Transcendence part of the BrainEV CD set. The difference will be massive especially if you are not an expert when it comes to reaching deep meditation states. It takes years of experience to reach them and many of us just don’t have the necessary time.

Combine brainwave entrainment with learning or revising something you have already studied about. You will build a strong foundation of information that is going to be available at all times. Binaural beats are not just calming but will also help you increase your memorizing capacity and your intellect. Studies show that programs such as the BrainEV can increase your IQ by 8 points, which is nothing short of amazing. Eight points can truly make a difference. Just take a look at the IQ charts made to represent the average intelligence level on a global scale.

Say Hello To Your New Life

Say Hello To Your News LifeBoost your morale while at lunch. The point of lunch time is to help you recharge your batteries. You could do that and a lot more by taking your media player with you. Find a spot where no one bothers you, press play and listen to a 20 or 30 minute session of relaxing sounds that not only give you energy but also stimulate your brain into being more active and better prepared for stress and long work days. You will be ten times more productive, and you will do so without even feeling tired.

Binaural beats are so calming you don’t even feel distracted while listening to them. With that in mind, many recommend using them while doing the part of your job that is most frustrating. If you have an entry-level desk job, chances are you will have to do a lot of mechanic work that does not stimulate you on an intellectual level. Listen to brainwave entrainment programs while doing things that are not that exciting. You will be more productive, and you will also forget about the monotony that could easily become stress or frustration. Be sure you don’t start using binaural beats from the start. They tend to be too relaxing, which will make it hard for you to stay awake.

Work your body and your mind at the same time. Listen to brainwave entrainment while hitting the gym or while jogging. You will be more motivated, you will feel less muscle pain, and you will have more drive. You will push a lot further than you thought possible and you will improve on your health. You can even use the sounds while stretching. You will be so relaxed you will avoid any injury.


These are all ways to benefit off of what is already a remarkably quick way to become a better person. Brain entrainment methods were developed in order to help people evolve as individuals without having to sacrifice their jobs or families. Let’s face it, true meditation and a peaceful mind cannot be achieved with a yoga session every once in a while.

Things like binaural beats are a shortcut for the modern man that needs to keep a job and make time for his or her family. With crucial moments slipping away, it is exceedingly complicated to find alternatives to this type of approach. It is better to embrace it and enjoy the endless benefits that come with. You will see yourself evolve every day, and you will do so without even putting too much effort into it. Brainwave entrainment is unquestionably a thing to look forward to in terms of new discoveries and innovative techniques.

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