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Brainwave Entrainment Program Buyer’s Guide

Brainwave Entrainment Buyer's Guide Regardless of whether you are shopping around for a brainwave entrainment program because you want to enjoy its benefits or you are just curious if this brain stimulating technique works on you or not, it is important to note that no program is like the others.

Also, even though there are dozens of such programs on the market nowadays, not all of them are effective or offer the desired results. Granted, on the surface, they may seem like they are actually the same gadget.

Following is a list of the various criteria that can help you dissociate a good brainwave entrainment program from a poor and ineffective one. Let’s explore the three different types of brainwave entrainment programs available.

The Binaural Beats Programs

The beats most commonly used to stimulate the desired brainwaves and reach various states are the binaural beats. To summarize, the mechanism behind them implies utilizing two distinct frequencies that are broadcasted into each ear.

The difference between the frequencies of the beats practically forces the brain to create a third tone to compensate for the disparity of the first two. The result obtained from stimulating the brain with binaural beat is to either raise or lower the brainwaves frequencies, while the effectiveness of the technique is highly dependent on using high quality headphones.

The Monaural Beats Programs

As the name indicates, the monaural beats imply broadcasting a single tone that is pulsing on and off following a predefined pattern. Because the brain does not have to put in any effort to balance the sound like in the case of binaural beats, it reacts faster to the sound pattern. Consequentially, because the monaural beats are easier on the brain it means that the method can help you get the preferred results quicker.

A further advantage of the method consists of the fact that headphones are not mandatory, even though they are recommended for optimal efficiency. However, the monotony of such technique also makes the brain more prone to getting bored of the stimulus faster.

The Isochronic Tones Programs

Because they allow the brain to work harder in order to synchronize to rhythms of equal intensities and varied speeds, the isochronic tones are considered the most proficient brainwave entrainment solution on the market.

The main benefits of these tones consist of the fact that they can entrain the hemispheres independently and the brain much quicker since they generate deeper wave forms. On the other hand, this new technology is not widely available, many people find the pulsing tones rather irritating and the isochronic tones cannot go lower than 4 Hz frequencies.

MP3 versus CD Audio Quality

The dispute over the audio quality of the tracks included in a brainwave entrainment program stems from the “compacted” nature of the MP3 format and the idea that by downloading the track into your media device you are surely downgrading the quality of the sound. In short, the MP3 format offers a diminished audio quality due to compression.

On the other hand, it is important to note that reputable brainwave entrainment developers are aware of this issue and hence, they addressed it by utilizing advanced software that limits the compression as much as possible. Therefore, if you are purchasing your program from a trustworthy developer, you can be certain that the quality and the effectiveness of the program are not affected by the format.

Steering Clear of Brainwave Entrainment Programs with Subliminal Messages

You might notice that several brainwave entrainment programs advocate the use of subliminal messaging in conjunction with the audio stimulation. However, the problem with these practices stems from the lack of control that the user has over the effects. In addition to that, it is very difficult to determine exactly how those subliminal messages are programming your mind.

Furthermore, every person responds differently to them, which means that you cannot predict whether results will be positive or negative. If you want to avoid these risks, then it is advisable to stick to brainwave entrainment systems that are not based on subliminal messages. 

An Efficient Brainwave Entrainment Program Should Include…

It is necessary to mention that all of the aforementioned brainwave entrainment programs have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, because you cannot really state that one is better than the other, a good program can be defined as a brainwave entrainment system that incorporates multiple stimuli and not a singular method, like the vast majority of free/cheap programs currently found on the internet.

In addition, the other mandatory features to look for in a brainwave entrainment program include:

  • A high audio quality recorder with crystal clear fidelity
  • It is preferably that the tracks are digitally mastered on different levels
  • Offer the possibility to adjust the frequencies
  • You should be able to experience the benefits shortly (ideally after the first three sessions)
  • The program should include interactive and short (around 30 minutes) sessions
  • The seller should specify all costs involved upfront and ideally provide an affordable pricing plan


Following the scientific breakthrough in the brain entrainment niche, a number of “more or less” qualified individuals have attempted to reproduce these products. Evidently, while certain programs are successful, others are simply ineffective and even downright dangerous.

Therefore, before purchasing a brain entrainment system, you first have to decide whether you want to opt for a binaural/monaural/isochronic solution, evaluate the sound quality, verify the versatility of the frequencies and ensure that the program does not include any potentially harmful subliminal messages. Keep these aspects in mind and you will certainly make an educated investment in your future!

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