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Brainwave Entrainment Reviews – Brain Evolution System

Some of the Brainwave Entrainment CDs require one long hour everyday to listen to some very boring digital sound, which I did not enjoy at all.

I came to know about this program call the Brain Evolution System aka. BrainEv which uses a unique Brainwave Entrainment Technique called the “3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process”.

If you like to know about the brainwave technology of this program, you can go to their website HERE to learn more.

I would like to talk more about my personal experience with this mind programming CD, and here is my Brainwave Entrainment Reviews of this product.

It consists of 6 CDs, each CD consists of 1 training level. The users are supposed to listen to the first CD for 30 minutes a days for 6 days a week. After listening to the first CD for a month, you will be prompted via email to move to next level. So all in all it is a 6 months mind training program.

Brainwave Entrainment Reviews

You can click to watch the video produced by Michael Kelley, the developer of Brain Evolution System explaining what each level is about and its purpose.

Anyway, the 6 levels are :-

Level 1 – Transcendence

Level 2 – Lucid Echoes

Level 3 – Infinity

Level 4 – Crystal Rain

Level 5 – Neptune’s Cave

Level 6 – Fusion

  Click Here to download a free Level 1 Brainwave Entrainment CD

These are not those digital sound but recording of sound of the nature mixed with some brainwave frequencies that work to give you that quantum mind power. Some call it the brainwave mind voyages.

Anyway, I started listening to these CD on the 26th December 2007. Faithfully moved to the next level after listening each level for 1 full month.

Just a few days after listening to the Level 1 (ie. the 1st CD), I found that I was able to focus better. I always had the problem of “thinking too much”, there were just so much things in my mind. Hey, the result was good, it gave me the confidence and determination to continue with the program. By the way, you get a 21 days free trial.

I do noticed as the product claims, each level poses more challenges compared to the preceding level. As I advanced to the next level, I found it trained my mind harder. Specially the first week when I moved to the new level, but my mind seem to adjust to the new challenges quickly and became stronger.

I completed the full 6 months. After that I took a few weeks break before resumed to listening to the CD for about 3 times a week. To my delight, my mind is crystal clear, I am able to focus very well, my mind no longer wonder when I read or listen to some material. Another big & noticeable improvement is, my mind is no long fuzzy and have improved with good memory power. I used to forget things that I have done even a day ago, but now I can recall them without difficulty. If you ask me How To Improve Memory Power? I would say listen to the brainwave entrainment CD. :-)

    Click Here to download a free Level 1 Brainwave Entrainment CD

My wife was diagnosed with cancer early January 2008 and she was undergoing chemotherapy. I was really very stressed out during the whole of year 2008, but I could remain calm and can sense the peace in me. Besides God whom gives me the strength to press on, I would credit it to this series of brain wave entrainment CDs. I was able to release the tension, stay energetic and definitely be more encouraging to my wife, though life was very much challenging due to her condition, we enjoyed a better relationship. Praise God and thanks to this brainwave entrainment system.

I stopped listening to the CD about 8 months later due to taking care of my wife as she was getting weaker as the chemotherapy progressed.

In January 2010, unfortunately my dear wife passed on due to weaken immune system and a very severe infection. I was into very deep grief. I cried the whole day for close to 3 months. One day, I suddenly remembered and picked up the Brainwave Entrainment CD again. 

It did not fail me, not long after listening to the CD, it calmed me down and I was able to focus on my daily work again. I still tear and weep whenever I thought of my dear wife, but I was not longer that sad and slowing coming out from my deep grieving.

9 months after my wife’s departure, with the CDs, my mind has become sharper and able to focus on my work, and I restarted my business. To my surprise, I am able to work longer hours without losing my concentration and my energy level maintains high throughout the day. Now I am able to complete more tasks within a shorter time and drive my business much faster than before. This Brain Evolution System can improve concentration and has indeed improved mine tremendously. 

With this positive progress, though I still feel sad and miss my wife terribly, I am able to move forward and have gained my confidence back. And for the very first time since my wife left, I feel joyful again.

I really thank God for sending me this set of brainwave entrainment CD.

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Detailed First Experience with Brain Evolution System

My mind was always filled with erratical thoughts, so it took me quite a long time to quieten my mind during each session. I remember for the first 2 weeks it took me more than 20 minutes to settle down, but by then the session was almost up (each session is 30 minutes). Only after 2.5 weeks then I could really get my mind tuned to the sound within 5 minutes.

After the first session, I felt my mind was a little bit clearer. When I was into the 3rd week, I could be very sure that my mind was much clearer than before. I could focus better and was feeling more relax.

Before that, even when I read books or newspaper, my mind always wondered around and not able to focus. I kept reading the same line and paragraph.  After I completed the first level (Transcendence), I noticed that my time spent on reading was greatly reduced because I could concentrate much better and I could read and absorb the material much faster.

After I completed the second level (Lucid Echoes), I found that my mental process was much sharpen. I could go through my work paper or technical manual quite fast, and able to digest them very well. When I was working on my work which was done mostly on the computer, I could shut off all the sound and distraction. And thus, I could complete all my tasks half the time (sometimes even less) I used to spend.

I also noticed I had become much calmer. There was this peace within me which I could not explain.

As I have mentioned each level is more challenging than the preceding level, I particularly noticed this with Level 3 (Infinity). When I listened to Level 3, I found myself having great difficulty to concentrate throughout the session. I needed more concentration power to go through this level. Again, after about 2 weeks, I was able to overcome the challenge and found that my level of concentration power was brought to a greater height. It was a wow moment for me.

When I completed Level 4 (Crystal Rain), I found that I had this joy in me. I could not explain why but just felt pretty happy inside me. For no particular reason, I just felt happy and noticed my smile was on my face most of the time. That was a great feeling I must say.

After I completed Level 5 (Neptune’s Cave), I found myself very energetic. There was so much energy in me that I felt that I could work whole day without rest. By the way, my sleep was shorten to 5 hours a day by then, yet I could still find myself fresh at the end of the day. And there was this drive within me to make me want to accomplish more. I had become more proactive.

Level 6 (Fusion) is the combination of the power of all the proceeding 5 levels I felt. I found that all the benefits I had gained from all the preceding 5 levels multiplied. And there was one thing I noticed was I had become more creative, there were so many news ideas flashing across my mind when I worked on my projects.

In conclusion of my experience, I had never experienced anything like this before. I found that I had gained greater strength in terms of my mental power as well as my phycial well being. It is really a great feeling, and again I thank God for leading me to BrainEv.

Summary of My Brain Evolution System Review


1. Very powerful program;

2. Professional packaging which includes both the physical CD and downloadable Mp3 files;

3. Good follow-up video instructions and support.


1. Headphone is needed;

2. 30-minutes a day 6-days a week is needed to set aside for the program.

Rating: 9.5 / 10

This concludes my Brain Evolution System Review on this product. You can download this CD set for a 21-days free trial or the demo CD HERE.

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I am 100% confident that you will thank me for introducing to you this amazing Brainwave Entrainment program that will certainly transform your life as it has to me.

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I have introduced this Brain Evolution System to my friend Brian who is a high flyer with a MNC. Let’s hear what Brian has to say about his experience with the BrainEv System


Brain Evolution System

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Brain Evolution System

Important Note: Inspire3 Ltd, the company that produces Brain Evolution System (the one that I used and reviewed above) has just launched another brainwave entrainment system called the “Brain Salon“. I immediately bought it the moment it was released and tested the system. 

I am pleased to say that the Brain Salon system is of equally high standard though it is meant for a different requirement. It is also a  six, 30-minute audio sessions, including Power Chill, Creative Spark, Ultra Deep Sleep, High Energy Espresso, Happy Pill and Razor Sharp, but I noticed there is one big difference which is no headphone is required to listen to the CD. That means I can use it as background music, ie while charging my brain power I can work on other things at the same time. That is a big time saver though each session is only 30 minutes which is just nice, I find.

I have written a review on Brain Salon, you can click here to read my Brain Salon Reviews.

All the best.


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