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Gamma Waves and Brainwave Control – Meditating with Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Ever since brainwave entrainment and binaural beat technology has become popular, more and more people have begun exploring the idea of achieving greater control over brainwave activity using basic binaural beats and isochronic audio recordings.

With the discovery of gamma waves – not to be confused with gamma rays – the idea of having a single brainwave pattern controlling all brainwave activity began to be explored, especially once it was discovered that gamma brainwaves have some unique properties, and are associated with high level meditation, high speed brain processing, compassion, tranquility and overall happiness.

Gamma Waves and Brainwave Control

Gamma Waves – The Doorway to Brainwave Control

A number of neuroscientists observing the synchronistic effects of gamma brainwaves have concluded that this pattern is actually very tightly connected with consciousness, and claimed that its ability to sweep across the brain and simultaneously affect key regions to enhance brain function and perception can be harnessed through the use of binaural and isochronic sound frequencies.

To put it simply, gamma waves are able to affect consciousness in ways that any other brainwave frequencies are incapable of, and with the correct binaural stimulation, you can achieve some incredible, highly targeted brainwave control results, ranging from accelerating brain processes and thinking speed, to deep states of calmness and feeling at peace with the world.

Although covering frequencies ranging between 25 and 100 Hz, gamma waves seem to operate best at a peak frequency of 40 Hz, and studies performed on the changes in brainwave activity experienced by Buddhist monks during meditation have revealed steady frequency increases between 25 and 40 Hz.

These brainwaves are seen as something like the “master wave,” being associated with states of ultimate harmony in consciousness, as well as high level visualization, REM sleep and greater sensitivity to tactile perception – basically being present and able to influence the full spectrum of conscious and unconscious activity in the brain.

How Brainwave Control Works

To understand how brainwave control works, and how you too can achieve the amazing power of gamma waves, you simply need to understand how two frequencies can come into sync with one another.

By just listening to an audio that gradually introduces two different frequency sounds into each ear, with the difference (beat frequency) between them being set at 25-40 Hz, you will practically have your gamma brainwave activity boosted, so that all the remarkable effects mentioned above can be possible.

The patterns of neural oscillation produced in your brain at frequencies of up to 40 Hz will spike, producing increased activity, and often reawakening dormant areas of your brain. In some cases, this has the effect of inducing obvious effects, such as a deep feeling of calmness experienced by people suffering from anxiety or depression, or heightened focus, energy and perception felt by people who normally have to cope with chronic fatigue or ADD.

There are truly no limits to the level of control that gamma wave meditations can achieve, and in recent years, brainwave entrainment product manufacturers have been mapping brainwave patterns and associating them with specific gamma wave harmonics to produce even more targeted results over shorter periods of time.

With some of the most well-designed guided meditations and audios, you will be able to reach perfect results, and even cure depression, get over emotions of worry and anxiety, and improve your brain’s processing speed to achieve remarkable feats when it comes to cognitive response, mathematical calculations and improved visual memorization.

Monks, Meditation and Gamma Waves

Meditation and Gamma Waves

Tibetan monks are the most skilled when it comes to brainwave control, and studies conducted with their help have shown that they are actually able to tap into the power of gamma brainwaves at will and without the aid of any type of technology.

Their compassion meditation is, in fact, different from most types of meditations, and it is capable of activating gamma waves directly, while many other meditative practices simply target alpha and maybe theta waves on occasion.

It has also been observed that the meditation can induce a natural dose of happiness and tranquility that goes beyond normal alpha wave relaxation, and this effect has been nicknamed “nature’s antidepressant” by some scholars, especially since – at the opposing end of the spectrum – people with depression seem to have very low gamma brainwave activity.

Nevertheless, while monks train all their lives to reach the high states of consciousness in which gamma waves are most active, we seldom have that opportunity. It’s not uncommon for people who force themselves to maintain the peak frequency of 40 Hz for an extended period of time to experience anxiety and exhaustion due to over-intensified brainwave activity.

It is important, therefore, to follow the specific guidelines associated with brainwave entrainment products when using them for inducing gamma waves. Although they cannot truly harm you, their misuse can still have negative consequences, especially when using gamma wave enhancers that are far more powerful than regular binaural frequencies.

Achieving Gamma Frequencies with Binaural Beats

The best way to make sure you will not experience any negative effects from using binaural beat technology to enhance gamma brainwaves is to follow the instructions of professionals who have studied gamma brainwaves, and know exactly how much time you will be able to follow a guided meditation without reaching a state of tiredness.

The basic idea is to relax and go into a guided meditation in a state of ease, while maintaining your stillness in a comfortable position. The brainwave entrainment audio you use shouldn’t present you with an overly long period – in fact, for gamma wave meditations, the period should normally be shorter than regular alpha or theta meditations. Additionally, gamma brainwaves should be induced in a slow and gradual manner, and should not exceed the peak frequency of 40 Hz.

With these simple guidelines, brainwave control can be achieved without much difficulty, and you will find that the upbeat, happy vibes produced by gamma frequency binaural beats will help you become more active, productive and creative, while some brainwave entrainment products using various combinations of gamma binaural tones and isochronics will even improve your focus, sensory perception and brain processing speed.

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