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How to Stay Focused?

Using Brainwave Entrainment and the Brain Evolution System to Improve Your Focus

You’ve probably already heard of brainwave entrainment and how it can be used to improve your mood and help with meditation practices. However, did you know you can unlock the full potential of your brain just listening to special binaural and isochronic tones?

With the Brain Evolution System, you can do just that. Through highly advanced audios based on the most advance research in the field of brainwave monitoring and alteration, this program was designed to increase your cognitive power, focus and memory to their highest extent.

How to Stay Focused

The Science behind Improving Focus and Thinking Power

Experts have determined long ago that the human brain works on many different types of frequencies. Delta, Theta and Alpha waves generally occur during sleep, and are only very rarely experienced by adults during the waking state.

The common Beta frequencies are most often used by the brain when you are alert, while the Gamma pattern and anything beyond 40Hz is again only rarely experienced by certain individuals during times of intense focus or when using certain types of meditations.

Unfortunately, life is messy, and we can’t always rely on our brains to produce the specific brainwave patterns we need at any given time. For instance, you might need to reach a high Beta pattern at over 20-25 Hz for some intense work that requires a lot of concentration.

Instead, your brain may be dropping into the Low Beta, High Alpha frequencies, in which case you may be starting to daydream, become distracted by emotional problems, or even doze off.

Brainwave entrainment offers a way out, and it is closely based on observations made by scientists with EEG machines that have mapped the human brainwave patterns associated with states of high concentration, in contrast with those linked to daydreaming, sleep and low-level focus.

With that information at their disposal, experts have been able to create specific frequencies of binaural and isochronic tones to stimulate the frequencies you may need the most at any given time. Listening to a simple binaural beat of 25-30 Hz can, therefore, bring you out of a state of lethargy or mental distraction, and help you focus on the task at hand, even assisting you to complete it faster.

Tips on How to Stay Focused

To maximize your chances at increasing your focus through brainwave entrainment, you can, of course, continue on the path of using simple, cheap or even free binaural beat tones, or you can take your practice one step further with the Brain Evolution System.

This highly advanced system was designed specifically to stimulate the production of brainwave patterns that will help you gain the most advantage in the least amount of time.

How Does the Brain Evolution System Work?

Brain Evolution System

The brainwave entrainment program known as the Brain Evolution System was made to create a gradual progression in improved brainwave activity, and help your brain get used to the changes over longer period of time.

What does that mean exactly? It’s quite simple: should you only use brainwave entrainment over short, infrequent periods of time, for instance, to stimulate your higher Beta brainwave patterns once or twice per week, you will find your mental state gradually returning to the same low-level focus that you wanted to get rid of.

Instead, with the Brain Evolution System, your brain will receive daily, gradually progressing doses of beats and tones specially tuned to produce not only a short term change in your ability to focus and become attentive, but also to maintain that state for longer and longer periods, and even gain conscious control over it.

With this system, you will be able to:

  • Improve your ability to focus on short term projects and avoid getting distracted when having to deal with tight deadlines;
  • Become more active, engaging and proficient in any task you might want to start on;
  • Get better at spotting your own mistakes and those of your colleagues/coworkers;
  • Boost your logic and make excellent connections in your mind to solve problems faster;
  • More easily find relevant associations between different topics that will help you become more efficient at coming up with new ideas;
  • Get better results at work and school, being able to learn faster and pay better attention to any educational materials you might need to assimilate.

Also, you will find that, using the system together with even the simplest meditation and focusing exercises and self-help techniques that are devised to improve your cognitive abilities, your abilities will be boosted even more. The Brain Evolution System can provide you with startlingly enhanced results over the shortest periods of time.

Important Tips for Using Brainwave Entrainment to Improve Focus

Of course, you can’t use brainwave entrainment every hour of the day, or you might end up frying your brain. So here are a few simple tips you should take into account to try and maximize the efficiency of any brainwave entrainment methods you might use without experiencing any adverse effects:

  • Always take some time and go to a place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes or so, while doing your brainwave entrainment meditations.
  • Get comfortable, but stay alert. Avoid laying down, since that might cause your brain to become too relaxed, so that it won’t respond to the Beta frequencies you try to stimulate it with.
  • Continue breathing deeply, while remaining aware of your environment. If it helps, you can also consider performing simple logical tasks like playing with a Rubik’s cube, reading or even doing a crossword puzzle.
  • Once you’re done, you will be ready for tasks that are more challenging, and the more you repeat the process each day, the better your brain will get used to maintaining a state of heightened focus throughout the entire day.

In a Nutshell

In the world of brainwave entrainment, each step precedes a more advanced one, and with tools such as the Brain Evolution System, you will find you can get better and better at reaching more advanced states of consciousness in which any logical or mental problem can be solved more easily.

As long as you follow the guidelines presented here, you will quickly be able to benefit from the remarkable, scientifically proven advantages of the Brain Evolution System, and boost your mental abilities to the next level in record time.

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