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Safety Precautions For Using A Brainwave Entrainment Program

Safety Precautions For Using A Brainwave Entrainment Program In case you do not know, the FDA has approved brainwave entrainment programs and has deemed them safe overall for consumption by the public.

However, in order to benefit from the full array of positive effects as well as prevent undesirable problems, users are advised to follow the guidelines issued by the developers of the specific program. It is necessary to point out the fact that even the soundest treatments/drugs have the potential to cause setbacks if you do not utilize them in the correct manner.

In regards to the Brain Evolution System, I find it very helpful that the developers have supplied a set of guidelines and contraindications and these will be discussed in the following article.

Functionality Disclaimer and Role of the Brainwave Entrainment Program

Based on the specifications of the Brain Evolution system, you might erroneously consider that this program could represent a standalone treatment for certain medical conditions. However, in spite of the fact that users may experience the alleviation of certain symptoms following the regular use of the program, Brain Evolution and similar products cannot and should not be consider replacements for specialized medical care.

To put it simply, you cannot effectively treat/cure an illness because this is not the designated role of these programs. Diagnosing and remedying health problems are the field of medical science.

Situations When Listening to Brainwave Audio programs are NOT Recommended

The utilization of the brain entrainment program during circumstances that require full attention and concentration is not recommended. For example, you should refrain from listening to these tracks while you are driving a vehicle, operating heavy machinery and virtually all tasks in which a moment of carelessness could have dangerous and/or life threatening consequences.

The reason for this warning stems from the relaxation and sleep inducing capabilities of certain programs that conflict with the focus requirements of the aforementioned activities.

Medical Conditions That are Incompatible with Brainwave Entrainment Programs

Patients who are suffering from epilepsy or severe mental disorders will require the approval of a medical specialist before using Brain Evolution programs because the audio frequencies have the potential to trigger seizures and similarly unpleasant brain responses.

The same applies to people who are experiencing neurological injuries or who are simply susceptible to manifest seizures due to the exposure to the audio stimuli. Furthermore, the effects of the brainwave entrainment systems on pregnant women and the fetus are unpredictable. Therefore, it is not recommended to utilize the audio stimuli during the pregnancy period.

Age Requirements

While the Brainwave Evolution system is not strictly forbidden for younger demographics, the developers advise against using these programs before the age of 18. Studies regarding the effects of these audio frequencies on developing minds are still being carried out.

Negative Interactions Between the Programs and Drugs/Medical Devices

So far, there have been no negative interactions between the Brain Evolution programs and chemical/drug treatments but those who want to be absolutely sure should consult their physician. However, pacemakers could suffer malfunctions due to the application of these audio frequencies, which means that you should refrain from listening tracks if you have this device installed on your body.

Mood altering substances such as alcohol/drugs – irrespective of their legality status – also have the potential to generate unforeseen complications. Therefore, listening to the audio track while under the effect of these substances is contraindicated.

Potential Effects

The frequencies of the brainwave entrainment audio stimuli have the potential to “dislodge” repressed memories and trigger the associated emotions, as the listener slips towards the subconscious mode.

However healthy it might be to truly discover the nuts and bolts of your mind as a component in the process of developing and improving yourself, certain people find it difficult to process certain emotions on their own. This is particularly true for individuals who are more sensitive and those who have gone through highly traumatizing experiences.

Therefore, coping with the extended persistence of intense emotions might be easier with the help of a professional psychologist.

Using a Single Program and Practising Moderation

As previously mentioned, there are several more or less proficient brainwave entrainment programs on the market, some of which have rather unpredictable effects on the psyche. Things get even more complicated and erratic when two or more of them are utilized together.

Consequentially, the rule of thumb is to stick with a single program at all times. In addition to refraining from combining brain entrainment systems, you should never exceed the recommended duration and frequency of the sessions.


Professional brainwave entrainment products are generally safe and have few restrictions in terms of age, pre-existing conditions, drug interactions, circumstantial contraindications and utilization guidelines. However, in order to ensure that no negative reactions will occur, users should ensure that they do not fit into the categories designated as unsafe by developers.

Keep in mind that these programs have undergone extensive testing prior to their release and the recommendations issued by their creators are based on clinical evidence displaying risk categories.

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